Retrieve texts from


Florian Rieder, Paul Zignani


Input: None


  • Text data

    A segmentation with the selected texts.


The widget is designed to import one or more texts from in Orange Canvas. The output is a segmentation containing a segment for each imported text, annoted by title author and language.


Interface of the Gutenberg widget

Figure 1: Gutenberg widget interface.

The Gutenberg widget lets the user generate the cache of the Gutenberg database, and search it.

The Generate Cache button allows the user to generate the gutenberg cache. This has to be done only at first launch or if the database has been updated. It can last about 5 to 10 minutes.

The results section allows the user to add or remove texts from the search results.

The corpus section is the users “basket”. He can add or remove texts from his corpus in the results section.

The Send button triggers the emission of a segmentation to the output connection(s). When selected, the Send automatically checkbox disables the button and the widget attempts to automatically emit a segmentation at every modification of its interface.

Caveat about searches

A search can be executed using one or more parameters. The only case it won’t work is if the language is set to any and the other parameters are empty. However it is possible to make a search only by language.

The aurhors are written as name, first name in the database. However writing first name name should also work for most of the authors.

In general using only one keyword in the inputs should give the most results.



<n> segments sent to output (<m> characters).
This confirms that the widget has operated properly.
The cache is being generated. This can take up to 10mn.
This confirms that the cache is being generated. A message will appear in the log once the cache is fully generated.
The cache already exists.
Informs the user that he has already downloaded the cache.


Cache must be generated before fisrt launch, it can take up to 10mn
Appears only if the cache dosen’t exist. It hould appear only the first time you create a gutenberg widget.
Settings were changed, please click ‘Send’ when ready.
Settings have changed but the Send automatically checkbox has not been selected, so the user is prompted to click the Send button (or equivalently check the box) in order for computation and data emission to proceed.
You didn’t search anything
The user wants to make a search without changing the initial settings.
Your corpus is empty, please add some texts first
The corpus is empty, so the user have to add some texts before sending.


An error occurred while building the cache.
An error has prevented the cache generation.
An error occurred while interrogating the cache.
An error happend while searching the database.
Couldn’t download data from Gutenberg.
An error has prevented the widget from accessing the Gutenberg database or retrieving the data.