Theatre Classique


Import theater plays from the theatre-classique website (in TEI-XML).


Aris Xanthos


Inputs: None


  • Text data

    Segmentation covering the content of imported TEI-XML-encoded theatre plays


This widget is designed to import one or more theatre plays in Orange Canvas. The plays are retrieved from and richly encoded in TEI-XML format. The output is a segmentation containing a segment for each imported play. Each segment has 5 annotations with keys author, title, year, genre, and url.

The interface of Theatre Classique is available in two versions, according to whether or not the Advanced Settings checkbox is selected.

Basic interface

In its basic version (see figure 1 below), the Theatre Classique widget simply lets the user select one or more plays in the catalogue of more than 800 entries downloadable from the theatre-classique website. To select multiple files use either control/command-click or shift-click.

Basic interface of the Theatre Classique widget

Figure 1: Theatre Classique widget (basic interface).

The Options section allows the user to define the label of the output segmentation (Output segmentation label).

The Info section indicates the number of segments and characters in the output segmentation, or the reasons why no segmentation is emitted (no title selected, connection issues, etc.).

The Send button triggers the emission of a segmentation to the output connection(s). When it is selected, the Send automatically checkbox disables the button and the widget attempts to automatically emit a segmentation at every modification of its interface.

Advanced interface

The advanced version of Theatre Classique (see figure 2 below)offers the same functionality as the basic one, and it adds the possibility of selecting only the plays of a given author/genre/title.

Advanced interface of the Theatre Classique widget

Figure 2: Theatre Classique widget (advanced interface).

The Options and Info sections, as well as the Send button and Send automatically, operate in the same way as in the basic interface.



<n> segments sent to output (<m> characters).
This confirms that the widget has operated properly.


Settings were changed, please click ‘Send’ when ready.
Settings have changed but the Send automatically checkbox has not been selected, so the user is prompted to click the Send button (or equivalently check the box) in order for computation and data emission to proceed.
Please select one or more titles.
The widget instance is not able to emit data to output because no theatre play has been selected.


Couldn’t download data from theatre-classique website.
An error has prevented the widget to download the data from the theatre-classique (most likely related to a connection problem).