Extract CSV


Extract tabulated data as a Textable Segmentation


Sorcha Walsh, Noémie Carette, Saara Jones


Inputs: Tabulated data


  • Text data

    Segmentation of tabulated data


This widget is designed to extract tabulated data as a Textable Segmentation in Orange Canvas. It takes .csv files as input and the user can choose which header he wants to use as content. The output is a segmentation containing a segment for each line of the file and each segment has annotations with each column’s header as keys.


Extract CSV displays a list of the file’s headers and lets the user choose which one to use as content for the segmentation with the Use as Content button. If the file has no header it will simply display the number of the column.

Quotation marks usually cause problems with detecting the segment position. If the file has quotes, the user can choose to preprocess his file with the checkbox delete quotation marks.

Interface of Extract CSV

Figure 1: Extract CSV widget

The Rename button allows the user to rename the headers.

Options of Extract CSV

Figure 2: Extract CSV widget

The Info section indicates the number of segments in the output segmentation, or if any segment has been ignored because of a missing content.

The Send button triggers the emission of a segmentation to the output connection(s). When it is selected, the Send automatically checkbox disables the button and the widget attempts to automatically emit a segmentation at every modification of its interface.



<n> segments analyzed.
This confirms that the widget has operated properly.
<n> segments sent to output. (Ignored <m> segments with no content)
Informs the user if segments were ignored.


Settings were changed, please click ‘Send’ when ready.
Settings have changed but the Send automatically checkbox has not been selected, so the user is prompted to click the Send button (or equivalently check the box) in order for computation and data emission to proceed.